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For healthy lives and active vibes

Level up your fitness game right here in JLT! From top-notch gyms to outdoor fitness spots, basketball courts, football pitches and lively community sports events, we've got it all!

Whether you're a solo sweat enthusiast or love group workouts, JLT is your ultimate playground for staying fit and having fun. Pick your sport and let's get those endorphins flowing!

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Hoops of fun

Get ready to slam dunk at JLT's buzzing basketball spots. Swing by our popular JLT Basketball Court in Cluster O, where Kobe Bryant made an appearance at the opening ceremony! Plus, don't forget about the free half courts in Clusters H and L – no reservations needed!

Reserve your slot at our Cluster O court through the JLF booking site.


Where every kick counts

Lace up those boots and head to Cluster O for some footie fun at our top-notch football pitch which has seen legends like Clarence Seedorf grace the turf at the grand opening bash. So, grab your friends, score some goals, and let's make memories!

Don't miss out— get in on the fun and book your spot with JLF now!

Meet your match

Strap on those sneakers and set sail to Cluster I for an exhilarating game at the state-of-the-art floating padel court at Padelx. Dive into the action with your pals, perfect your serves, and create lasting moments on the lake! Book a session today.

But wait, the excitement doesn't end there! Make your way to the newly opened GRIP Sports. Whether it's tennis or padel, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Gather your squad, unleash your competitive spirit, and let the games begin! Learn more.

Club Lab Golf-PLAY

One shot at a time

Gather your golf clubs and tee off at Club Lab Golf - a state-of-the-art indoor Golf facility in Cluster A. Swing into action, practice your putts, and craft unforgettable moments in their cutting-edge simulation environment. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the game, there's no better place to refine your skills and immerse yourself in the world of golfing excellence! Book today!


Shoot hoops or
slam dunk


Practice your
kicks and runs


Sweat in


Your joyful
jogging journey

Free fitness fun

Sweat and smile at JLT's free and fabulous fitness stations located in Clusters H, J, N, and W. It's like having a gym in the great outdoors! Pump some iron, stretch it out, master those burpees and feel the burn, all without spending a single dirham. No reservations needed — just show up, bring your energy, and let's make fitness fun!


For the joggers, walkers and talkers

Time to hit the ground running, JLT style! Cruise along our awesome jogging track, stretching all the way from Clusters R to O. Whether you're a speedy sprinter or a leisurely stroller, this track promises outdoor adventure for all. So, unleash your inner athlete and let's sprint, stroll, or strut our way to the finish line.

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