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For the joggers, walkers and talkers

From boutique gyms and world-class health facilities to massage centres, JLT has got you covered.

Scattered throughout the community, discover sport hubs and fitness stations for solo workouts and group sessions with neighbours, colleagues and friends.


Team up for a game or train together

Whether you’re a fan of team sports or training alone, JLT’s sports and fitness facilities have something for everyone. Run by JLF Sports Management, team up on the JLT Football Pitch and the JLT Basketball Court or workout solo at any of the neighborhood’s fitness station.

A man about to score a goal at one of JLT's basketball facilities
Two friends playing basketball outdoors at one of JLT's basketball facilities

Team up
or fly solo

One of JLT's outdoor basketball facilities

Shoot hoops or
slam dunk

An outdoor football field located in the JLT neighbourhood

Practice your kicks and runs

An exercise machine at one of JLT's outdoor recreational sports facilities

Train for results and fresh air

Games for the fierce competitor and team players

If you would like to participate in upcoming tournaments, leagues or fitness clubs, please click the link below to view the schedule.
Spaces are limited so book your spot today!

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